The Maternal & Child Survival Program was a multi-partner, flagship program in support of USAID’s priority goal of preventing child and maternal deaths. Our work was evidence-based and results oriented. We focussed on increasing coverage and utilization of high-quality reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health interventions at the household, community and health facility levels.

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I have come to learn that it is not good for men to leave all the work related to their family and children to the ladies alone. We should be sharing responsibilities for life to move on smoothly.”

Kenneth A., Ugandan father

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woman balancing a child on her hip
lady in robes holding a textbook
man holding a baby in a pink outfit
grandmother holding chubby baby
young woman with hair tied back in a scarf holds a baby against her chest
a woman proudly holds up a baby

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Sanjukta N., Indian community health worker
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At school, I theoretically learned about afterbirth complications, but with MCSP training, I got to practice and I am confidently saving lives. [The training] improved my self-confidence.”

Georgette D., Rwandan midwife

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Josiane P., Haitian community health worker


The MCSP partnership brought together experts on a wide range of maternal, newborn and child health topics. Our work was evidence-based and results driven. Please browse our full catalog of resources — and final report— below.
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